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Jan 23, 2013 3:00pm EST
are incapable of embracing austerity. the government is borrowing the fed's money into existence, and it's driving another bubble in stock prices, what a surprise. >> all of which were the reasons why you were staying away from the market so now you're throwing in the towel on the political agenda. >> it wasn't so much driven into investors' heads that congress was incapable of embracing austerity. now we know. look, the sequestration was supposed to happen january 1st. punt on that one. debt ceiling, supposed to hit that. now it will be steve 19. there's no austerity. >> what michael is saying in a very long-winded way is don't fight the fed. not fighting the fed. the fed, europe, japan's now with b to go hog wild. >> sure, sure. >> the whole world is printing new money. >> abe, the new prime minister of japan, japan is at least discussing a new quantitative easing scheme for them. they are going to be printing a lot of yen. >> the point is all that tends to be good for assets like stocks? >> very stimulative. europe will have to start printing money as well to deal with their issues so
Jan 25, 2013 3:00pm EST
that the governments are serious about what they're doing, the pace doesn't have to be as, you know, abrupt, as hard as fast and the pace can be slower in those situations. >> what are the implications of the uk leaving the eu? david cameron said he is going to have a referendum on this. >> you know, from an economic perspective, we expect europe to be a strong region and a strong player in the global economy. from an economic perspective, you don't want uncertainty. so our dear hope is that as usual the europeans will have discussions, will have debate, will argue, will face obstacles and hurdles and come out of it stronger and that's very much my personal hope with the uk. >> so glad you're checking on the program. thank you so much. great to see you. christine lagarde. >> stick around because maria has much more coming from davos including interviews with microsoft founder bill gates and pay pal cofounder peter thiel with incredible things to say about twitter. all of it not exactly positive. that is an interview you do not want to miss coming up here on "closing bell." >> absolutely. okay. we've
Jan 28, 2013 3:00pm EST
general. mary thompson with the story. >> hey there. t.a.r.p. is charging the government's taxpayer money by doling out hefty executive pay packages. the firm's still on the hook. as of last year for government assistance received during the financial crisis. the special master of executive compensation for approving pay plans president agi, gm, and ally. 54% of the firm's 69 top executives earned more than $3 million. only one earned less than $1 million. too much cash. 70% receiving salaries of half a million dollars while fewer took long-term stock grants that were dependent on the company's hitting specific benchmarks. also granted to executives ally's. that plans were improperly vetted and analyzed at the office of the special master. treasury in turn pointing out at these firms is down 50% since the office was set up. and the $350 billion owed during the initial offices per view. >>> stocks on a tear this month and this year. my next guest thinks it continues at least for now. >> liz ann saunders points to the strength of housing and manufacturing as for proof of the recovery. but h
Jan 22, 2013 3:00pm EST
in forming the government. netanyahu had called these elections in a way as a reflection of his policies on the west bank and settlements, the quelling of the uprising in gaza and, of course, israeli relations or lack of relations, i should say, with iran. many people and political observers there believe that this will then continue his relatively more hardline right-leaning policies on all of those three issues. netanyahu, according to exit polls, will once again be prime minister in israel. >> thanks, tyler. heading towards the close. about 50 minutes left in the trading session just off the highs of the day. a reminder. any positive close for the dow and s&p, new five-year highs. >> ameritrade getting a boost in trade today despite a drop in profits. stock is up 23% over the past three months. right after the break the ceo joins us with the real story behind this quarter and his concern of a proposed trading tax in europe and whether it could make its way here to america. >> also. big earnings reports after the bell coming your way. do not miss the numbers from google and ibm. they h
Jan 24, 2013 3:00pm EST
around good governance, but that doesn't mean their focus is on running the company. to me we've set the strategy and set the targets going forward, and we'll be held accountable as a management team and me as an individual with doing that. >> you've got a good relationship with michael o'neill, the chairman, and he's not telling you to do this, run the company this way? >> he's not. have a very good relationship. i know mike. we date back and did a lot of work together in city holdings so i think he knows what he's put in the chair. he's comfortable with that and has certainly empowered me to take the company forward. >> a friend of the program and comes on the show a lot, one of the investors who wants a dividend. does he call you at all? >> when i got into the job, there's a few things i wanted to be focused on. i said i wanted to get through budget and plan. which need to get through our c-card submission and the management team in place. in addition to that i went out and spent time with clients. i met probably with most or spoke with at a minimum our ten largest shareholders as
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5